General description

  • Internet office infrastructure
  • Internal and external firewall
  • Parallel copying of data (RAID 1)
  • Centralised file servers
  • Centralised user system
  • FTP server
  • Mail server
  • Web directories
  • Possibility for a presentational website or web portal
  • Secure internet communication
  • Management system (Trac)
  • Internet office infrastructure - integral network; installing cables in the office and setting a wireless network. The construction of the right network infrastructure is of great importance for the local network's speed. The hardware, that B.R.O.S. uses, can reach up to 1000 Mbit data transfer in the internal (cable) network.
  • Internal and external firewall - the firewall filters the traffic from and to the internal network. With its help you can limit, allow and redirect access from and to certain computers or parts of the network.
  • Centralised file servers - besides the opportunity for sharing parts of the hard drives of separate computers (now a widely accessible function), B.R.O.S. has centralised file servers, accessible from every computer in the internal network.
  • Mail server
  • FTP server
  • Centralised user system - using this function you get:
    1. A unique user for every employee in your B.R.O.S. system.
    2. Different levels of access to the servers, their file structure and working stations.
    3. Web directories - a personal directory for every user on the file server. Can be visible over https and can be used remotely (outside the internal network).
    4. Different levels of access to the web directories.
  • Secure internet communication - developed VPN and included SSL for most services.
  • Management system - B.R.O.S. offers Trac; a convenient and flexible web management system.

All remaining services are also included in the system. They do not have an effect on the productivity of the server, the network's speed or the data transfer.